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Buying Tips:

Tips on Selling Frankoma:

For heavens sake, take decent photos. That means in focus, properly lit, and close enough to reveal detail. Many of the best Frankoma images on eBay are photographed outdoors in natural light without a flash. Experiment and submit your best photos.

If you want happy Frankoma customers, please include a shot of the bottom of the piece, especially if you are auctioning an Ada clay item.

Bidder Questions
Do not put your auctions on auto-pilot. Respond promptly if you are asked to clarify your description or provide information.
Packing & Shipping
Do not stint on quality packing materials. Frankoma, like most pottery, is fragile. Large pieces are especially vulnerable. Don't put a long, flat piece (think 17-inch Leaf Dish) in a long, flat box. Regardless of how much packing material you put around the dish, it will never arrive in one piece. I speak from personal experience.

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